Tired of perusing the butcher counter at the grocery store wondering which meat is grass-fed, non-GMO and humanely-raised? What about organic? And is it actually local? Making these decisions is time consuming and stressful, especially when we are all trying to get in and out of the grocery store as quickly as possible these days.

Our Farm to City Meat Service is here to make your meat selections easy and take this chore of choosing meat off of your to-do list for good. Our Angus Beef and Dorset Lambs are hormone-free, humanely raised, and spend their entire lives grazing on organic grasses in West Petaluma. Our USDA Prime beef is aged for a minimum of 55 days to ensure the best flavor possible. 

Simply sign up for our Farm to City Meat Service and we'll deliver to your door the second or fourth week of the month!  Delivery is always free with a subscription as well as some of our delicious lamb sausages.

Please check out our Delivery page for more details.